Saturday, December 02, 2006

Study Warns of 'Grave and Growing' Threat of Biological Weapons

Study Warns of 'Grave and Growing' Threat of Biological Weapons

“The Center for Strategic and International Studies released Wednesday the findings of its survey addressing the future use of biological weapons.” Since mid-October, the center polled about 340 current executive branch officials and members of Congress, as well as former senior government officials and nongovernmental experts, on how they perceived the threat of bioweapons. Only about 50 of those polled responded to the survey. However, the center's Senior Fellow Amy Smithson who designed the survey, says that overall, biological weapons are seen as a grave and growing threat, even compared to chemical and nuclear weapons. "Biological weapons are the most insidious, the most serious threat because they're cheap, they come from nature and the release scenario can be as simple as the subway," he said... According to the study, the best way to address the threat is through international safety measures as opposed to efforts by individual states.” (Voice of America; 29Nov06; Sean Maroney)


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